Weekly Mani | October 7, 2013

Over the last 6 months or so I’ve slowly become more and more obsessed with nail polish.

In high school I painted my nails at least per week, but over time a weird combination of busyness, laziness, and a rebellious streak where I rejected anything everything GIRLY put a stop to that habit.

Then this year I discovered that indie polish was a thing, and fan polish, and people selling polish on Etsy. I discovered that the world of polish had gotten INSANE in the best possible way, and my obsession with wearing color and art on my fingers reared its head again.

Now I’m back to giving myself a new mani every week, and its kind of amazing how much more feminine I feel. Stupid, I guess, but I enjoy it.

Julep Joy, Mila, and Winona

L-to-R: Julep Joy, Mila, and Winona

This week’s mani is an all-Julep affair. (Their Maven program is EVIL, I tell you – my polish collection has doubled since I joined.) The base color is Winona, a really lovely mid-range warm gray that has a richness and depth I don’t expect from grays. Its a good formula: neither too thick nor too thin, relatively self-leveling, and very nearly opaque in one coat though I applied two to be sure. It dries a little dull so top coat helps if you’re like me and live for wet shine.

Weekly Mani 10/7/13 - Julep Winona, Joy, and Mila

Though I love it as a good, autumn-appropriate neutral, Winona is just a tad boring on its own, so I spiced it up by taping off some pink stripes using Julep Joy (discontinued, sadly – its a gorgeous rosy shade) and glitter accents using Julep Mila. I think this is the perfect use for Mila for me – its quite a glitter bomb and using it on a full mani would be too much for me.

I don’t typically bother with nail art like this, but this is simple enough to match my usual style while still having a bit of flair.

Edited to add: After I published this I realized I’ve inadvertently painted my nails to almost exactly match the colors of my blog layout. I swear this was unintentional, but certainly appropriate given my recent rededication to this thing. Hopefully this is a sign of good things to come!

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