Weekly Mani | October 14, 2013

Back to the Julep polish again this week. I got Ciara as an add-on to my October Maven box and couldn’t wait to try it out – the only reason I didn’t wear it last week is that it felt like a truly Halloweeny polish and I wasn’t quite ready to rock the gothic look yet. Now we’re two weeks out, though, and that’s close enough for me!

Julep Ciara

This polish is virtually impossible to photograph, and I’m a pretty terrible photographer to begin with, so excuse the ugly photos. Please also excuse the messy application; this one was a little challenging.

I was expecting Ciara to be more overtly pink/magenta/purple than it is; the swatches on the Julep site certainly looked that way. Having used it now, I don’t think there’s any way to get that result unless you only apply one thin coat; this is two normal coats and its so dark in most lighting that it looks black. The photo above actually does a decent job of catching the wine-to-teal color shift that happens when the light hits it just right, which is gorgeous, but the general look is just a tad heavy for my tastes.

I also had a hard time with application; the formula seems to sit in a tenuous balance of thin and thick, so that its difficult to get the right amount on the brush. I ended up either flooding my cuticles (two much) or having bare, streaky spots (too little) and found it difficult to get it right.

Julep Ciara

I’m not sure why but this took FOREVER to dry; two hours after I applied my top coat I was still having to be careful of dings and smudges (and was not successful at avoiding them) and this morning I not only had ugly sheet smudges, but several nails had developed big air bubbles overnight. I tried to even everything out with an extra coat of top coat this morning, but it can’t fix everything.

Overall I’m kind of disappointed by this polish and I doubt I’ll last the week with it on my nails… the imperfections are going to drive me up a wall. Next time I might try a thin coat over a deep pink or pinky-purple to bring out Ciara’s base color and see if I like it better.

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