about website requests

Websites are the most complex and varied projects a freelancer like myself can take on, and often require additional support and services beyond what I can personally provide. These may include custom programming, hosting, domain registration, integration with existing services such as shopping carts or social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube), or media delivery (videos, mp3s, etc.) Part of the process in determining pricing for a website is anticipating if and when I will need additional assistance to meet your needs and how that may affect the cost of the work.

Websites also require more long-term planning than many other types of design work, in that they necessitate additional attention and maintenance after the initial work is completed. You should consider whether you would like to maintain the content of your site yourself after the site launches, or if you will require additional, regular maintenance services.

Some services I use regularly, though I am always happy to consider and research others:

  • LightCMS – a web-based content management system which easily allows you to maintain the content on your site, no design or programming knowledge required. This service carries a monthly charge.
  • GoDaddy – my go-to for domain registration, mapping & forwarding, as well as web hosting for sites which require more visual and structural flexibility than can be supported by LightCMS. Services are priced individually, though packages are available.
  • Google Analytics – powerful (and free!) statistical data collection and analysis to show how your website is or isn’t working for you and your users.

If you have questions, or if you’d like to talk to me about a project, please email me at ericamklein@yahoo.com.

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